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“We will be the model charitable institution because of our consistent eagerness and compassionate response in reaching out and alleviating the lives of other people.”


We are a philanthropic organization  committed  and  dedicated  to enriching the lives of our fellowmen through various health-related programs and  outreach activities.  We serve as a channel  between  selfless donors and deserving beneficiaries,  and  vow  to be responsible stewards in the efficient management of resources to optimize charitable endeavors.



ervice – We believe that it is a privilege to serve other people and we perform our duties with the spirit of volunteerism.
Harmony – We value relationships and we maintain positive atmosphere at all times and at all levels.
Accountability – We are accountable both to our donors and to various beneficiaries  in the efficient management and allocation of resources.
Responsiveness – We are sensitive and quick in our desire to help and be of service to deserving communities and institutions.
Empathy  – We put ourselves in the mental shoes of other people to experience and  understand their feelings.